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Nina J

About Neena Jhaveri Nina J Design Studios, located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is a woman-owned business, engaged in the creation of hand-built pottery, limited edition “wearable art” made from 100% silk and cotton, table linens and mixed media painting. Neena (aka Nina J), who grew up in India, has always had a strong appreciation for nature’s beauty and the creative world and is a strong believer in the harmonious co-existence of the arts, science and spirituality. After years of training and experimentation, she has become an accomplished artist, potter and a fashion designer. The business mission is to glorify nature by harvesting and transforming flowers, leaves and herbs into wearable and functional pieces of art. Artistic figures, nature and aquatic scenes are created in bold and vibrant colors (on canvas) which have always been at the forefront of Nina J Designs. Add the love of gardening to the passion for painting and you will begin to get a full grasp of Nina J's creativity. Each creation is meant to bring joy, a smile to one’s face and peace in one’s heart. The realization of each of Nina J’s mixed media paintings have been rooted in her dreams. The original artwork and original clay blocks are further designed and transformed into accessories: limited edition silk and cotton scarves and table linens. You will find us in over 100 art museums and botanical gardens across the country. Join our team as partners and 'Live and Walk with Art'

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