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LUUKAA designs and produces its entire ready-to-wear collection in-house responsibly and locally.
Our creative team does all the brainstorming, pattern-creating, cutting, sample-making,
and producing at our own studio based in the heart of Istanbul, where east meets west.
Our designs have futuristic and innovative characteristics.

The LUUKAA spirit is resolutely sophisticated, constructive, and bold.
Our designs are to empower women, no matter what age, shape or size they may be.
That’s why we offer an extensive size scale of 8 to 20 to fit a broader range of women.
We believe comfort is not a luxury but a must.
It is with this understanding that we pay attention to maximize the quality of our fabrics.
Our premium garments are made with fabrics from natural fibers and materials.
Earth tones paired with the indispensable signature black are very much a big part of LUUKAA`s style.

LUUKAA releases two main collections per year — one for the fall/winter season and one for the spring/summer season.

Season after season, LUUKAA identifies itself with ultra-modernistic cuts,
loose fitting silhouettes through refined construction with handcrafted details.


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Fashion is our passion! We serve women locally, nationally, and globally with the unique and beautiful styles that make them feel extraordinary!

Fashion should be fun, reflect your own personal style, and make you feel like your best YOU! The beauty of shopping at Molly's is our curated selection that sets us apart and the care we give each customer. Personal Attention from our stylists lends a feeling of friendship in a relaxed shopping environment. It's all about style and care. It's the kind of feeling that online shopping can never replace.

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Our Beginnings

That's my mother Mary that you see there. She was always a smart dresser and knew the best places to shop for stylish clothes. She was a wonderful inspiration for me and she was always confident that I would open my own boutique, even when I wasn't. In fact, that was our last conversation. Sadly, Mom was not able to see my dream come to fruition. It says "Thanks Mom" on the front door of Molly's Meanderings for a reason and now you know why. (By the way - Molly was one of our beloved cats!) Molly's Meanderings is now a premier destination for womens chic apparel in downtown Frederick. That's certainly not how Molly's Meanderings began. I had a different vision when I opened and it has evolved over time. My love of antiques and how to mix them with new items gave birth to a lifestyle store with cozy quilts, an iron gate bed, lace curtains, and a trendy shabby chic look. I found my love for apparel, accessories and jewelry could not be held back and slowly, but surely, I found my true calling.