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Candelles Soy Candles

We're Kelley and CJ, the owners of Candelles. We're a soy candle company in the
northeast mountains of Pennsylvania. We focus on small batch production,
eco-friendly products, and providing a quality, hand-poured candle each and every time.

We believe in the simplicity of life while still keeping it full of fun and beauty. You will
find the same ideals in our candles as well -- an all natural soy wax blended with
only natural, phthalate-free fragrance oils, no additives at all. Leaving the fun and
beauty part to our labels, our designs have bursts of colors that vary from scent to scent.

In early 2013, Candelles began as a hobby and grew into a flourishing business in
what seems overnight... sort of.  After going on a few month hiatus and accepting
defeat (starting up a business is no piece of cake), my grandmother was diagnosed
with cancer abruptly. Immediately wanting to help, I had offered to make candles
again to sell them all profit towards her treatment, and it struck me that not only am
I doing this for someone I love, I get the advantage of doing something I love just as
well. After a few long conversations about life, she taught me that I was supposed
to follow my dreams, whatever they may be. Don't let time just pass by and hope
good things come, but actually make those good things happen myself. 

We raised over $1,500 in under a month, and had numerous donations come
through additionally. We were in awe at the kindness of people, and it really made
me love being able to give them just a little piece of light or remembrance in
exchange. My grandmother passed the end of August, 2013. We knew of her
cancer for less than a month and it swept her away so quickly. With all of this
happening, I needed to find a happy outlet. Of course, I went back to making
candles. Testing different methods, different types of wicks (since our wood wicks
were a flop), and found a candle that was just right. Finally. So, here we are.

Back to following our dreams.